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We have many years of experience in producing the highest quality poured floors to exacting standards, our list of clients is testament to the quality and service we provide. Whether you are a residential or commercial client we have a poured flooring solution to meet your requirements.We have tried to answer as many questions as possible with our website and online brochures. However we have a team of dedicated consultants that are ready to speak to you and help you with any questions or advise that you may need

Who are puur?

We are specialists in poured resin and polished concrete floors. Based in London, the team have been working, developing and refining these products over the last 25 years. Initially, created to service commercial and industrial markets because of the inherent qualities of durability and ease of maintenance, it was not long before the product characteristics and beautiful aesthetics of these products were 'spotted' by contemporary architects and interior designers.

The team at puur have been part of this product evolution helping to refine the choice and specification options in line with growing demand for contemporary residential and high end retail and commercial schemes.

why a poured resin floor?

puur Poured Resin offers a beautiful contemporary interior solution for those that demand exacting requirements, colour intensity, even coverage, smoothness of finish, durability, precision measurements and beautiful detailing. But probably most of all its 'the perfectly flat look' that a poured or polished floor provides. Poured resins floors can provide that "seamless look" throughout your home. So if you are looking for a poured floor with a wide choice of colour the puur Resin flooring is the choice for you

why a polished concrete floor?

puur polished concrete is a great choice for those looking for that smooth contemporary design with a natural polished concrete finish. Polished concrete is used in many scenarios from Art Galleries, High-end retail environments and in residential situations. It can be honed from a natural finish to a high gloss. PUUR PSR polished concrete is hard to beat.

so what can we offer?

We've been installing beautiful floors for long time, so we can help you with some impartial advice in order that you specify and choose what's right for you. So whether you are looking for either a resin or polished concrete floor, We offer a full, personal and bespoke service from concept to completion. We differentiate ourselves in a number of areas but project management and planning to integrate the floor finish into a full design scheme and ensure beautiful detailing is what sets us apart from other more 'industrial' teams. We are as obsessed about the detailing as you will be, and our customers say we are quick, tidy and professional. We've got a huge number of customer references to reassure you if you'd like to chat to someone first hand.

It's also probably good to know that we also offer maintenance programmes for retail customers and some of our residential customers have utilised this option; particularly floor refinishing which is a brand new micro layer on top of the old floor to give a new floor colour or finish!

who are our customers?

We tend to work for three groups of people. Firstly, architects, designers and specifiers. Our portfolio also contains a host of international top end retail brands. And finally, our residential customers who are, perhaps not as famous, but just as happy!

Please feel free to look through some of our projects to see some of our work

what colours are available?

Our Colour selector shows the 56 most popular colours within their respective colour families. These colours are selected and mixed to an internationally recognised colour standard (NCS) to ensure consistency over time. However, we can actually mix any colour to meet your requirements. And to add further choice a resin floor can also be matt or polished to a high lustre finish. Why don't you have a look at our colour selector? All colour samples can be ordered from NCS: ncscolour.co.uk. (All costs of ordering colour samples will be refunded at point of order)

how much does it cost?

Our typical miminum for projects in or around London is around £3000. We know you want an exact cost per m2, however; unfortunately it's not that easy. It depends on what base we are laying on, the size of the job, the detailing requirements and so much more. We could say between £100-£150 per m2 and that would probably not be too far from the final figure either way (plus or minus), but we need to have that first conversation without commitment in order to be specific. We do try and help if you are looking for a poured resin or polished concrete for a small area, however the per m2 rates do not apply but we will try and make it as cost effective as we can. Does that help? Call us now for a budgetary quote.

would you like to speak to someone?

We hope that you're excited about either a poured resin or polished concrete floor from puur. if you would like to speak to someone for more advice or would like an onsite visit we will be pleased to hear from you. Just give us call on 020 7084 6266 or contact us through the online enquiry form or directly, then we can have an initial chat and take it from there.

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