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puur PSR

Cementitious Flooring System

puur PSR is a high strength cement based product and in common with all such products, in exceptional circumstances, can form fine cracks to the surface during curing. Such cracking is a purely aesthetic feature and does not detract from the functional performance of the product. As with traditional concrete the final finish will vary in colour across the surface. This variance is a decorative feature of the floor, the precise nature of which cannot be guaranteed, as it is dependent upon site conditions, i.e. temperature, humidity and application.


Very low emission fibre-reinforced cement screed designed to create polished concrete and seamless stone floorfinishes for interior floors at thicknesses from 3-20mm.


Finish: Polished and sealed matt through to high gloss. Thickness: From 3mm to 20mm Colour: Standard Concrete Grey, Substrate Preparation: On Screed by the use of Vacuumassisted diamond grinding where appropriate. Marine ply substrates Fiberglass taped and bonded. Other situations in accordance with puur Floors instructions Yield: 1.3kgs/sqm at 1mm

Substrate Requirements

Virtually any base is suitable, including concrete and timber, provided they are structurally sound and stable but it is advisable to contact puur Floors for recommendations prior to installation.

Technical Data

All values are indicative and may vary according to conditions and application.

Abrasion Resistance

BS8204: Part 2:2002
CLASS AR1 – Heavy duty industrial

Temperature Resistance

Resistant up to 60°C

Chemical Resistance

Very good resistance to chemicals, consult puur Floors for specific examples.

Tear strength (after 28 days)

Compressive 40N/mm!
Flexural 17N/mm!

Setting Time

2-4 hours

Model Specification

Product: puur PSR
Finish: From Matt to High Gloss (as required)
Thickness: 3-20mm (as required)
Colour: Grey
Preparatory work and application to be carried out by puur Floors Ltd
Supplier: puur Floors Limited
Telephone: 0207 084 6266

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