Frequent Questions

1. What surface is suitable for the application of puur poured floors?

Our floors are normally applied to screed, concrete or timber. We can also lay over certain tiling situations. Its important that the sub floor is flat, rigid and dry.

2. How thick is the application onto an already applied suitable surface?

Our puur resin flooring systems range between 2 and 9 mm. PUUR PSR polished concrete overlay is typically 6mm and a traditional concrete slab is around 100mm

3. Can resin and polished concrete be applied to stairs? How?

Both resin and polished concrete can be applied to stairs Please call us to discuss you specific requirements. You can view some details in the architectural details section.

4. Underfloor Heating? Are puur flooring systems compatible?

The short answer is yes. However, its very important to specify and use the correct screed to encapsulate the heating system. Please contact us and we can discuss further.

5. What is the application and drying process?

puur poured resin floors normally require 4-5 days to install. We require unhindered access to complet the area being treated during this process. The first step is to ensure the existing substrate is suitably prepared to ensure sufficient bonding of the new floor. Our preparation equipment is vacuum assisted to ensure dust contamination is kept to a minimum. The next step is normally priming and installation of our Flexbase rubber crumb, which provides a pleasant under floor experience as well as acoustic noise reduction and insulation. The Flexbase is then grouted and left to cure. The substrate is now ready to be poured. After pouring and curing the surface is sanded to remove any blemishes and the final protective coats applied.

puur PSR polished concrete typically requires 2 days installation followed by a period of 5 days where the product is allowed to completely dry out prior to polishing and sealing, which normally takes a further 2 days.

6. Do I need to remove my skirting boards?

We can either pour up to existing skirting boards or they can be removed. We will need something to pour up to. For polishing it's preferred that skirting boards are removed in advance, as our machines can only reach 10mm from the edge.

7. What preparation does your company require in advance
of applying the resin?

We normally require the new substrate to be in place, fully cured and dry, prior to our arrival. All other surface preparation is completed by PUUR

8. Following the application of poured resin, what is its life expectancy

In a domestic setting, the expected life expectancy of these systems is 20 years plus. We also provide a recoating service that can make you floor look like new or you can even change colour.

9. What is the expected application date following any order?

Average Lead-time is 3-6 weeks following the order. We try to be as accomodating and flexible as we can.

10. How long does an application take?

Depending on the complexity and size of the project, installation can take between 1-5 days.

11. Are you able to remove our furniture before you start your works?

Unfortunately you would have to arrange for the floor area to be clear prior to work commencing.

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