flexiDry screeding system

puur offer three variable dry times from 7, 14 and 21 days. Light foot traffic after 12 hours. Greatly reduced shrinkage and cracking due to highly controlled drying process enabling much larger bay sizes. Better compressive and bending strength properties. Major cost savings due to the ability to dry the screed in-line with the actual project timescales required. Achieves category A insitu crushing resistance on floating floors. Increased compressive strength. Better compaction enables improved thermal conductivity (Great with UFH systems). Allows reduced screed depths on top of insulation and underfloor heating systems and therefore use less screed, so less cement and better for the environment. No need for mesh reinforcement (pp fibre included as standard). An advanced and highly adaptive screed system compared to conventional fast drying screed systems.

FlexiDry screeding system

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