puur poured resin floor technology

Poured mono and duo resin floor system

Quality and attention to detail are critical. So we use only the best in-house floor technicians
to ensure we meet your exacting standards. But our poured resin floors are only as good as
the technology behind it. We invest in the most advanced
methods of production when supplying our products.

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Technical floor information and substrate requirements for puur specially formulated resin floors. Suitable for both commercial and residential environments.

System comprises primer layer, rubber crumb matting (3mm or 5mm), scratch coat, the main levelling base layer comprising two components based on branched polyols and aromatic polyisocyanates, and two surface finishing coats.

Substrate Requirements

Concrete substrate must be structurally sound fully cured, minimum 28 days old, flat, smooth, clean and dry, with an adequate damp proof membrane installed. The design strength of the concrete should be minimum 25- 30 N/mm2, flexural/tensile strength 1.2 N/mm2, with moisture content at time of resin installation not greater than 5% measured according to Calcium Carbide method. Any holes, cracks, or defects to repaired via approved methods.

Timber substrate normally two layers, each of 18 mm tongue and groove approved moisture resistant chipboard or marine plywood installed in cross fashion for strength and rigidity with tight closed fully glued joints, fixed and counter sunk at 150 mm centres along line of joins and additional areas where required, with suitable expansion provision around perimeter of timber floor to wall. The installed timber surface is to be prepared by sanding to remove any impurities and impregnated with a puur specialist primer.

Compressive Strength >30 Mpa
E-modulus approx 125 Mpa
Tensile Strength 14 Mpa
Ultimate elongation 60%
Shore hardness 60 Shore D
Tear strength 45 kN/m
Abrasion resistance 0.05 gram
Skid resistance Leroux dry approx 95

Floor to dry/cure for minimum 24 hours for lightfoot traffic, careful mechanical loading after 48hours, full chemical cure at 7 days.

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