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Poured resin and polished concrete flooring specialists - Puur Floors London.

We should say from the outset that the name Puur originates from Holland and is pronounced - 'Pure'. The Dutch originally created the poured resin flooring technologies, so we felt it was only right to give those early pioneers some recognition for giving the world something so beautiful.

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Our poured floors offer beautiful contemporary interior design solutions for those looking for either residential floors or commercial flooring including retail flooring.

Our poured floors range includes poured resin flooring, polished concrete floors, rubber flooring, and stone carpet.

So lets start with poured resin. This is an ideal interior floor solution for those looking for an alternative with a contemporary interior design feel. Poured resin is an ideal flooring system to be used as gym flooring as well as the bathroom or kitchen, retail space, office flooring, and also external patio floors. Our contemporary poured resin floors are available in any NCS or RAL colour. Please see our colour manager for more details.

Resin floors are a seamless flooring system, which are used and seen in many of todays leading interior design projects where contemporary floors are a key consideration.

Puur Flex base, which is only available with Puur poured resin, forms part of our rubber flooring solution. People are often unsure when they are looking for a new poured floor as to whether they mean a resin floor or a rubber floor. So if you are looking for rubber a floor you are probably looking for our poured resin floors with Flexbase.

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Our polished concrete flooring looks and feels just like polished concrete. It is a concrete overlay flooring system that is cementitious with polymers and fibers to make a polished concrete floor that is suitable for both residential flooring and retail flooring. Our concrete floors come in a range of finishes. Polished concrete flooring is ideal for those of you who want that urban architectural look of traditional polished concrete, but your floor foundations will not allow it. Our polished concrete floors offer a host of flexible design opportunities and as with our poured resin, offer an alternative flooring option as a contemporary interior solution.