stone carpet

Stonecarpet gets its unique decorative character from individual, 3- to 4-millimeter natural quartz stones. These quartz stones are screened multiple times for size, shape and quality to create a mix that provides an optimal balance for application, aesthetics, function and maintenance.

The size of the stones is a critical factor in Stonecarpet's eye-catching profile. Smaller stones would make it more difficult to clean and preserve its outstanding look. Larger stones would cause the floor to lose its dynamic appearance.


The product is hand-trowelled by skilled craftsmen on the job, after blending the colors with a clear matrix to create a seamless floor, completely free of unsightly and difficult-to-maintain grout. Although after-care for most hard surface materials is very costly, that's not the case with Stonecarpet. In fact, due to its construction, Stonecarpet is easier to maintain than carpeting. Using common hot water-extraction equipment like that used for carpet cleaning, the "open" system permits complete removal of dirt. However, Stonecarpet is restored to a much higher level of visual appeal with proper routine maintenance.

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