About Puur

We are specialists in poured resin and polished concrete floors. Based in London, the team have been working, developing and refining these products over the last 25 years.

Initially created to service commercial and industrial markets because of the inherent qualities of durability and ease of maintenance, it was not long before the product characteristics and beautiful aesthetics of these products were 'spotted' by contemporary architects and interior designers.

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What surface is suitable for the application of Puur floors?

Our floors are normally applied to screed, concrete or timber. We can also lay to certain tiling situations. It is important that the sub floor is flat, rigid and dry. Please contact us for any specific advice.

I want a concrete finish but don't have the space for a 75-100mm concrete slab, what is the alternative?

Puur PSR is our 6mm polished concrete overlay to give a power floated look without the depth of a slab and without the need for huge open plan areas to accommodate equipment.

At what stage do I plan for the flooring work?

We normally install (though not exclusively) towards the end of your project but before the final decorating. All products require complete unhindered access during the installation and cure process and to a dry substrate (less than 5% moisture; works which cause air bourn dust and debris in other areas may also effect the final finish so this should be considered in the scheduling. We generally have a lead-time of around 4-6 weeks.

Do your products work with UFH?

Our products are compatible with under floor heating systems encapsulated within a screed; these should be in place, tested and taken gently through the temperature range to allow for expansion and contraction prior to our install but off during our works.

Care should be taken if using electric UFH, the pads must be well stuck down as the wires have a tendency to rise and must be well covered by your screed.

UFH technology is being continually improved and developed so please contact us to check suitability for non-screed embedded systems

What is the difference between your concrete overlay and concrete?

Many confuse our systems with a polished concrete slab. Most residential projects can't tolerate true power floated concrete due to the depth 75-100mm, weight and size of the industrial equipment used.

Is it suitable for wet rooms?

Resin is suitable for wet rooms; the substrate must be laid to falls typically 1:80 with suitable drainage (end slot channel) M+ slip resistant coating is recommended. PSR is unsuitable for wet rooms however these can be installed to bathrooms and laid up to a shower tray.

I want the inside to flow outside.

Resin can tolerate external conditions so small areas can be accommodated as part of an internal project, falls should be provided to reduce puddling. The install process takes 4-5 days and due to unpredictable weather conditions work height awnings must be provide for the duration. Consideration must also be given to pets, pests and birds – protection is the client's responsibility. Larger exterior areas are better suited to stone carpet, designed for exterior use with a reduced install period and has some porosity to minimize weather issues.

Can resin and polished concrete systems be applied to stair?

Both our resin and PSR can be applied to pre formed fair-faced steps, please contact us to discuss any specific requirements.

How long does it take to install?

Puur poured resin requires around 4-5 days to install. We require unhindered access to the entire area being treated during this process. Puur PSR requires around 1-2 days to prepare and install, a 2-5 day cure process then a return of 1-2 days to seal and finish.

What about skirting boards?

We can either pour up to existing skirting boards or they can be removed. We will need something to pour up to.

Kitchen installed before or after?

We can install before or after the kitchen is fitted, client preference or kitchen fitter programme will dictate, we can be flexible and work with either situation.

I have a dog, is this OK?

Our floors are pet friendly as can be easily and hygienically cleaned.

What about high heels?

...we wear them all the time! Resin has a natural flexibility so allows the slight depression on impact to bounce back out (unlike laminates etc which permanently 'dent')

What about care?

Vacuum to remove any dust and damp mop with warm water and an all purpose detergent (nothing too sudsy). Steam mops are also suitable. We recommend the use of felt protection for furniture as some types of rubber can cause discolouration and to make comfortable any 'drag'. Do not use abrasive scourers or undiluted bleach.

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